Facilitation skills for evaluators


birch jonesThis interactive workshop is designed for evaluators wishing to develop their CES core competencies in facilitation (5.6).  The specific agenda is as follows:  1.Introduction to facilitation; 2.Core facilitation skills and practices; 3. Facilitation outcomes and techniques; 4.Dealing with dysfunctional behavior and conflict, and 5.Further developing evaluator competencies in facilitation. Time permitting, special topics of most interest to participants are covered. Participants receive a comprehensive workshop resource which is supplemented through summary ppt slides. Learning is enhanced though opportunities to ask questions, as well as specific exercises including; dyad / triad, small and large group discussions, simulations, and practice facilitations (both doing and observing). More information on the workshop can be found at: http://www.intersol.ca/en/workshop/facilitation-skills-evaluators.


Jennifer Birch-Jones, The Intersol Group

Throughout her 25 years in evaluation and performance measurement in the government and NFP sectors, she has led numerous projects involving a facilitated approach to engage staff and stakeholders in developing logic models, their underlying theory of change, and relevant measures, from a few participants to over a hundred. She is currently assisting two federal government clients with revising their logic models through a facilitated approach (Office of Evaluation for PHAC-HC and ACOA).






Basic understanding of evaluation practices and methodologies that entail using facilitation techniques in group processes, e.g., developing logic models and theories of change, identifying and prioritizing evaluation issues and questions, soliciting feedback on conclusions and recommendations, leading project team and /or Advisory Committee meetings, etc.


Sunday May 24 from 9:00  am to 12 :00 pm

Link to CES competencies for evaluators

  • Uses verbal communication
  • Uses listening skills
  • Uses conflict resolution skills
  • Uses facilitation skills
  • Uses interpersonal skills