The C2015 App is launched!

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the CES Conference Mobile Application! This interactive app will allow you to:

  • View the complete event schedule, explore all of the offered sessions, and get detailed presenter information.
  • Keep your pulse on the most popular sessions and events by accessing the app’s Activity Feed, which highlights useful comments, photos, ratings and more.
  • Receive announcements and obtain the most up-to-date event information.
  • Expand your professional network and have fun!

As a CES Conference participant, you will receive a welcome email from Double Dutch in which you will be provided with a link to download the free app. Please note that this email can be automatically sent to your spam folder. Once you have received the email, follow the instructions for the download. Alternatively, you can click on the following link: CES_SCE_APP to download the app. Log on the app by using your email address and the password provided in the welcome email.

Get more information on: C2015 Application

If you have any questions or need help with the app, come and see us at the CES Conference – Congrès SCÉ app booth next to the registration desk! We will be there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings before the first sessions start