Skills for Visual Data and Non-Lethal PowerPoint Presentations


burrettThe goal of this workshop is to introduce skills that support the clear and compelling presentation of quantitative facts and findings. These skills are based on key principles related to how we perceive and understand visual information, particularly via data graphics and tables. Secondly, the workshop will introduce skills for verbal/visual presentations (such as PowerPoint–style formats), with an emphasis on designing presentations with clarity, story and flow in mind. Participants will gain important knowledge and skills in communicating with data and findings. The workshop will comprise presentations by the facilitator and guided practice sessions.


John Burrett, haiku analytics inc.

John Burrett’s job is to help organizations actually use and make sense of their data and make others care if they do. He focusses on developing effective tools: visual analytics, social/dynamic network analysis and effective presentation; and on building an organization’s capacity to use data effectively, for business, public good organizations and government. A long-time evaluator and policy person, John has also studied with leaders in the area of visual data analysis and communication and professional presentation design and built capabilities with leading tools for visual data analysis.








Sunday May 24 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Link to CES competencies for evaluators

  • Uses written communication skills and technologies
  • Uses verbal communication skills
  • Analyzes and interprets data
  • Reports evaluation findings and results